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Cold Coffee

Mornings are crazy at my house. It seems like no matter how far ahead I plan there is always a detail that gets left out that can send a seemingly smooth running morning into a tailspin. Before you know it you are literally shoving your children out the door holding their shoes and breakfast in hand while realizing your phone is on the kitchen counter and your keys are with it. You finally get into the car, take a deep breath, pull out of the drive and reach for your coffee cup (that you made sure you did not leave home without) to realize... its cold. 

Lets take a minute to go back to the beginning of your morning. Its 6:10. You wake up. Walk into the kitchen. Coffee is brewing because you finally made sure the night before you set it up and put it on auto. Winning! So while it finishes you start breakfast. First child saunters downstairs. Morning small talk and praise about how they got themselves together and dressed already. Things are looking pretty good for you so far! As breakfast is finished cooking you pop those plates down and head up to wake child number two. She is your feisty one. The one that wakes up when she wants how she wants and moves at the speed she wants. Which is typically the exact opposite of needed a.m.speed. But wait. Her light is on and she is SINGING! Praise the LAWD she is already getting dressed and... wait for it.... in what you set out for her to wear! SO winning! Tiptoe back down stairs as not to interrupt the miracle in progress. Lunches. Lets pack those now. You know packing them the night before would save you so much time in the morning. But, ladies lets be honest. After the kids go to bed the only thing I want to do is watch the Real Housewives of anything and go to bed. So back to packing them in the morning. Mission takes approximately 10 minutes. In backpacks and we can check that off the to do list.

Coffee. Oh lets make us a cup of coffee! Nothing like that first sip. Why? Because if you are a realist you already know that is the last fresh sip you will have. 

Ok. its 7:00. Wow... that went quickly. Gotta leave by 7:30. You got this. Call for Daughter to come downstairs and eat and let you do her hair. She "says" she is coming. Son is now finished eating and is dressed and has lost himself in a game on his switch. That's ok though. The rule is he can play when he is rea..... Dude! Where are your shoes? He looks up coming out of his trance. You get a "sorry mom" and he stands up to get them. This is when you take inventory. Kid needs shoes, his belt, and that hair!? When you ask about his hair. He says he was waiting for you so you could wet it and blow dry it for him. It’s 7:10. Arguing with him about being ready before games etc now will only slow you down. Lets just get it done. As you both walk to your room to fix his hair the little girl of the house begins her royal entrance down the stairs. Problem here is you fail to notice her face covered in Barbie makeup and cape adorned around her shoulders. Fix hair for boy. Now... Lets get to the girl. WOW! Don't you look fancy! Inside you are screaming because she cant go to school with purple eyeshadow hot pink lips and rouge. She is 7. Let that pass for now. How does she want her hair? She has no clue. Do you just get started and risk upsetting the whole flow because you give her a high ponytail when she will inevitably like a low one? Common sense says no way.  Its 7:20. You have a second so you go to your coffee cup. Its cold. So you toss it in the microwave for 30 seconds. But in that 30 seconds she makes up her mind and you skitter over and give her a braid ponytail. She threw you a curveball today. Who woulda known? Maybe she saw a friend with that style yesterday? Anyway. Shoes. Boy has shoes but they are sitting on the floor in front of him . Well he has his belt on so he gets a pass. Gentle reminder about shoes and timing. Its 7:25. Daddy wakes up and comes out to see us off. This is when it gets tricky. He likes to chat. 7:26. You tell everyone to get their backpacks lets start to walk to the car. No one moves. Am I invisible? My coffee. Dang it I forgot its in the microwave. Its cold. 30 more seconds. Grab it. 7:27. That's it. "lets go everyone!". Grab your coffee and both kids breakfast plates. Maybe tomorrow you can stick to your no eating in the car rule. Wait, girl doesn't have her shoes on. Neither does boy. OH MY GOOD GRACIOUS ALL MIGHTY! Dad sees mom is about to blow. Mom exits the building with shoes, breakfast plates, and her coffee. I am just going to sit in the car and wait for everyone to follow. Get to car with full hands. My phone. I left it on the counter. I will grab it in a sec let me just put my stuff in the ca.... car is locked. Keys are by my phone. Inside. Strategically put both plates and pair of shoes on the hood and turn to head inside as the troops head outside. "where are you going its 7:30? Moooommm car is locked!" Dear sweet Jesus "I KNOW!" Grab keys grab phone. Lets hit the road. 

As I back out of the driveway both kids are stretched out of the window yelling goodbye to daddy flailing arms and giggling. They do this for about 3 houses before folding into the car and settling in for the 25 minute drive to school. "Hey mom. Its only 7:32. Not too bad huh?!". I glance at those faces all proud and ready for the day. Both eating the breakfast I prepared over an hour ago shoes on the floor board sure to be put on in a hurry as we pull into carline. 

I take a deep breath. Reach for my coffee. Take a sip. Its cold. Nothing new.

Being a mom can be summed up into two words most mornings. Cold Coffee. Its about having the best intentions. Being prepared for the new day and starting off strong. But things happen. People need you. You can steal a few seconds to get something for yourself, but, in the end you are needed and those seconds get filled up. Given to a higher calling of hairstyles and lost shoes. Life happens in the moments you seem to always wish away. Between the hurry scurry and ticking clock. The most accurate quote I have ever heard was from Lisa Sheperd.

"In raising my children, I've lost my mind but found my soul." 

Amen. Raising humans is crazy. So this morning, as I sit here typing, after finishing grocery shopping on the way home and tidying up when I got home I stare at my cup of coffee sitting on my desk. I tossed it into the microwave for the forth time before I sat it here beside me. Its cold. Again. I will count it as my proof of Gods love for me. I am so busy caring for all the things I have prayed for I have had no time to drink it.

Guess its time for a glass of sweet ice tea. 






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