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Rubies and Pearls

  • Loss Has Many Faces

    When we experience loss it never comes to you the same way twice. Honestly reading all of the above you would maybe think that by this point I would be numb to the news of another loss. Maybe jaded or resentful? I don’t feel either. 
  • Welcome 2021... it’s been real... already.

    It may not be the plan you had or the answer you sought after. But maybe, just maybe, the path to peace is filled with way more twists and turns than we hoped for. Twists and turns that will refine us as a nation but most importantly of followers of Christ.
  • The Gift from Covid

    For the first time in a very long time I am not thinking about all I am going to get done when they go back to school. I find myself sitting still. Not eager to join the race. Just eager to be their mom. I am eager to see how we can keep this sense of normal. Where just being together is enough. Anything more than that is just.... noise. 
  • More than you can handle...

    You know the saying God will never give you more than you can handle? I used to live by the saying. It came flowing out of my mouth anytime there w...
  • Summer is OVER. Now what?

    So much of being a mom, or parent at all, is summed up in the quiet moments we have to ourselves when the work is done. When we take inventory of our days and interactions with our babies.
  • Cold Coffee

    Raising humans is crazy. So this morning, as I sit here typing, after finishing grocery shopping on the way home and tidying up when I got home I stare at my cup of coffee sitting on my desk. I tossed it into the microwave for the forth time before I sat it here beside me. Its cold. Again. I will count it as my proof of Gods love for me. I am so busy caring for all the things I have prayed for I have had no time to drink it.

    Guess its time for a glass of sweet ice tea. 



  • Merry Christmas and a Busy New Year!

    It’s almost here y’all! The day we have decorated for, shopped for, planned out, and stressed out over.  Christmas is the time of year we get all ...
  • Being Grateful in a Season of Struggles.

    The way you think determines the way you feel, and the way you feel determines the way you act. -Rick Warren