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Merry Christmas and a Busy New Year!

It’s almost here y’all! The day we have decorated for, shopped for, planned out, and stressed out over. 

Christmas is the time of year we get all excited about. It can also be the time of year we lose a piece of our sanity. We strive to create the perfect atmosphere beginning (for me at least) the day after Thanksgiving. Before the leftovers can even be pulled from the fridge there I am hauling boxes from the attic and assembling our Christmas tree and hanging wreaths. I do it on my own because I absolutely can not wait for my husband to come home and help. And, by the way, I know exactly how it all has to go. So, I got this thank you very much! After it’s all out and cute I somehow realize I need more decorations, or ribbon, or something sparkly for the perfectly fine decor I set out last year. Because, well, it all needs just a little more pizazz! After decor... reality hits. After Christmas last year I vowed to purchase gifts slowly little by little to avoid the sudden shock to my bank account like this year, and every year before. But, it’s December 1st now and I have not purchased anything because time somehow went faster this year and I lacked the motivation to follow through. 

Fast forward through the weeks of Elf’s on shelf’s, Santa Claus stories, Amazon purchases (🙌), and playing chess with family about who meets where when and what day for their Christmas celebrations. And we find ourselves on December 21. Tired, no longer enchanted, and ready for this whole shebang to be done so we can take down these stinking decorations and get our houses back in order for heavens sake! 

We missed it. We once again missed the joy and excitement of this whole season. It shouldn’t be wasted on the details but instead on the message. What if we put the energy and the planning and the care into focusing on what really matters instead of how much ribbon we wrapped around our tree? Would we see Christmas differently? Maybe. What if for every gift we bought we also shared our belief and love for Jesus with another? Could you imagine standing in the toy section of Target putting that knock off American Girl Doll in your basket (be honest mommas we are over the $100+ dolls!) then turning to the next weary soul near you and saying “merry Christmas. Jesus loves you!”. How many of you just cringed at the idea of doing that? But why?!!! Isn’t that why you are buying toys that are unnecessary and making meals that can never be finished? ITS JESUS’ BIRTHDAY! And we walk around like it’s just another day to get together and indulge.

Maybe that can be my goal for next year. I am going to walk intentionally. Knowing His birthday is coming near and there will be a lot to do and plan but keeping in mind it is unacceptable to push aside the significance of this day. 

Y’all. This day is huge! It’s when we set aside time to recognize God came to earth as a baby and lived a human life only to die in the end for us. 


That’s heavy. Makes one rethink the hooverboard and fluffy pikimi pops I had two day shipped here last minute. (Jesus take the wheel.) 

Do yourself and your family a favor sweet momma friends. Take a breath and take a knee. Ask God what he wants from you this Christmas. Does he want less stuff and more praise? Would He be pleased with your crazy morning of shredding through presents or for you to sit in His presence and tell the story of how He came to this world? I’m gonna vote the latter. Take ten minutes before the crazy begins and thank Him. Praise Him. Then let the festivities begin! Sometimes how we begin changes the way we finish. Maybe this year we can finish with more grace and a better grip on what really went down over 2000 years ago just for little old, over worried, distracted us. 

Maybe we can plan this new year to begin with the gift of presence. So when we sit next Christmas we can truly grasp the depth of His present. 

Thank you God for your son. Thank you for sacrificing for us and for loving us more than we comprehend. Thank you for not giving up on us and for patience when we allow worldly distractions to overshadow all You have done. Give us perspective and understanding this year God. Help us grasp how long wide deep and high your love is for us. And help us to love you the same. 


Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. And May your new year be filled with His presence. 


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