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Welcome 2021... it’s been real... already.

Y’all. It’s been 7 days! 7 flipping days in this “new year” and I am ready to wave the white flag. 2020 just can’t let go! 

I know, if you are reading this, most likely you are fluctuating between “it’s all gonna be alright, this too shall pass” and “welcome to the hunger games!”. For real. Every thing seems backassward and nothing makes sense. I have been scanning the almighty internet for inspiration, and honestly a little distraction, today. Other than the random scripture on a friends feed I am coming up empty handed. 
I mean.... think it over. This has been not just the year from Hades but four years of unrest in our country. I don’t care what side of the isle you affiliate yourself with we have all been on a rollercoaster of emotions. 
I am the first to admit I have very specific and strong personal views regarding pretty much everything. Politics, faith, family, food, medical, cleaning supplies.... everything to me is important. 
But, for this moment in time, I am going to step back and try and remove my personal approval filter and search for the thing I am obviously missing but know God is working through! 
A few weeks ago I was sitting in a quiet moment and had what I believe now to be a word from God. I see so many people putting so much faith in a system created by man, run by man, worshiped by man, and ruined by man..... Government was never meant to be idolized or leaned on. Government when executed correctly is the voice and defender of freedom. It is not a place we should ever look to as an institution to correct what we as a society have allowed to get out of control. I see people wanting the government to interfere with our rights to free speech, marriage, medical, business.... Why would we usurp that decision making to people who do not live in our realities or share our common moral compass? Let’s circle back.... a few weeks ago in my quiet time I had a vision of so many people praying asking God to place President Trump back in office for 4 more years. I heard people saying he was our last hope or America is dead. I see people defending a man stronger than they would willingly stand up for Christ. Good people. Kind people. FAITHFUL people placing so much hope and faith into the electing of one man. Very seldom have I heard the simple prayer... “God, let your perfect will be done.” I’m guilty too so I’m also preaching to myself here. I heard those on both sides of the issue quoting scripture back and forth fervently and passionately and both sides stumble into dark accusations and so much hate! Y’all, we as a country have spoken to our fellow Americans with such vile and cruel words how do we ever start to heal?! How do you forgive a person who has called you a racist because you don’t agree about white privilege? How do you forgive the person who called you a moron and made fun of your faith because you are pro life? How do you forgive the friend who turned on you on social media? How do we forgive? The short answer is to forgive those as Christ forgave us.... done. Ok not so easy. And not so simple. Christ forgave so we could turn from sin and love him freely. But, how about forgiving those who are actively  attacking the fabric of our being. Our faith and families? The vast divide between left and right is no longer about physical responsibility and the occasional religious debate. The two are literally polar opposites. Before social media you didn’t know Jim and Judy next door were strong democrats who support abortion and would like amnesty for all illegal aliens. Now, people are open books with what use to be a personal and private opinion out on display for the world to know and damnit they are proud of it. Same as your beloved family member who is a proud member of the NRA, is strongly pro life, christian and wants the wall! These use to never be issues on the table at every single gathering. I saw a sister curse out her own sister and block them on social media yesterday... that will be a super fun Christmas gathering. 
We have to stop looking at politicians as the ones who will fix this! We have to look to God and to ourselves and own what we need to do to create peace in our communities. I hear people speak on personal responsibility. Well here you go friends! Never have I ever seen a time so ripe for the picking as this to begin exercising personal responsibility. You will get nowhere attacking anyone on social media. The woman you yelled at in Target over her mask now thinks you are crazy and the retelling of that story will just turn you into a the latest Karen. The teenager you scolded will use you as an example as to why they will never share your views. 
I honestly think the President wasn’t elected because too many people have put too much faith and emphasis on what he was going to be able to do to SAVE our country and too little faith in The One who saves our souls. It doesn’t matter who is in that big white house. It matters who is on heavens throne. Will this world ever be peace filled and our government run perfectly? No. I don’t care who gets the vote. There will always be another fight to deal with. But, with God and with the understanding that we were not made for this world we will find our joy and hope in the hopelessness. 
So, for my 2021 goal I will set out to seek His plans for I KNOW they are good! I will sit back and watch my God do what He does best. Make His plans work for the good of those who love Him!!! Because I know that this world is full of sin. This world will hate the righteous and crowd out the good. But His word will endure and His people will be safe. It may not be the plan you had or the answer you sought after. But maybe, just maybe, the path to peace is filled with way more twists and turns than we hoped for. Twists and turns that will refine us as a nation but most importantly of followers of Christ. Maybe we need to see the hurt and pain and anger to find the cure. I will use what I disagree with to teach my kids about the world. To reinforce the need to lean on Him. I will use these following days and years as the opportunity to grow and find a way to communicate with love while standing firm in my convictions. I will learn when to walk away. I will learn self control. And hopefully when this plan our God has begins to come to pass I will have been a light in a dark world and an example to my children of Gods love. 

Stay safe, stay humble, stay kind, stay faithful. He really does know what He is doing. 



  • I love you with everything! We have been friends for a long time. Well said! I have felt the same. No matter what background or privilege people think you have or not, we have a choice of how we use this privilege or power. Do our we use our voice for good or impose harm. God is always on the throne. We pray for people in our government to make sound decisions. I have never held people in office to a higher regard. It doesn’t matter if they raise taxes or what the agenda is. God will always provide and make a way! Love you girl

    Carter Tingle
  • Good message

    Betty Parsley Byrd

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